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Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films (As Voted By My Followers)
#07: The Cat Returns


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Hey guys! I decided on doing a follow forever, considering I’m VERY close to 500 followers. I swear, when I first started this blog, I didn’t even think I could get 50 followers. I’m still the same, pathetic, fangirling mess though. (Also, ignore the shitty banner. I am not good at anything of that nature, so that stuff is crappy on my end)  

Bolded are blogs that are so good they make me weep real fangirl tears

Italicized are friends (if I say we’re friends, we’re friends, no take backs)

Both are basically Gods and Goddesses and perf


A - D 

adorkablezuko, airbenders , airnations, avatar-fangirl, basingtei, bbolinn, bilbolin, bopalincloudbabies

E - J

element-of-change, equalistmako , eskalations, fatherlordzukoz, fire-wang-fire, fiirebender, fireferretfuzzies , flame-o, foreverboybolin, forevergirlkataang, forevergirlkorra gebbeh, grumpko, harmonicconvergence , heyyymako-oh , jeong-jeong , jinoras-light

K - M

kainoraa, kami-korra, korra-avatastic, korra-is-my-life, korraava, korrabook4please, korractrify , korras-legendary-bobcutkorrasane , korratea , korratic, kya-loklegendofkorrafever, mak-o , mako-of-steel  makobolin, msmakorra

N - P

nightworldlovenuktukofficial-sokka, ohmykorra, opalbeifongs,paintedladyspirit ,pixellpirates , polarbeardog, princedorko, princeszuko, prisoncellmako

S - Z

scarredprince, sifuamelia , sokkascactusjuice , spiritedmakorrian, thewan-andonly, toph-of-ba-sing-se , tophsbeifongs, tvvinkletoeswanbender , zaofus , zutaras, zuzuthejerkbender

I’m sorry if I missed anyone! If I did, message me and I’ll fix it right away! Please and thank you!

Thank you guys so much and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


I can honestly say I’ve heard them all.

Are you getting hate too? I feel so for you and Swani… I wish people wouldn’t behave like this.

I haven’t received hate (yet), probably because I don’t have the anon option open.

   I think it was a very good decision to turn anon off. If people wanna talk shit, they can do it without hiding behind a gray face. Come at me. Don’t hide your sorry stupid ass. 

   So sick of all this hate, the never-ending shipping wars and childish behavior. I have Autism and have been told I seem younger than my actual age a lot of the time, but I don’t act like a fucking five-year old.

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